Industries We Serve

The following provides a brief summary of the industry specific issues for a sampling of the clients we currently serve.


Industry issues include inventory and cost of goods tracking, syncing between the retail POS and accounting file.

Law Firms

Industry issues include billing accountability, IOLTA compliance & reconciliations.


Industry issues include revenue recognition, SAAS rules and sales tax.

Life Sciences

Industry issues include R&D credits, expense vs capitalization & project tracking.

Professional Services

Industry issues include per client profitability and margin based pricing.

Real Estate

Industry issues include depreciation, cost seg studies and entity structure.


Industry issues include revenue channel tracking, gross margin analysis & advertising efficiency.


Industry issues include progress billing, project tracking & tracking changes in costs of materials.

Authors & Coaches

Industry issues include deferred revenue, royalty timing & project profitability.


Industry issues include multiple revenue channels, event profitability & revenue recognition.

Auto Services

Industry issues include margin tracking and flat rate payroll management.

Medical Offices

Industry issues include billing by codes, collection of receivables & scheduling.

Home Improvement

Industry issues include contractor organization, job profitability & tax compliance.

Medical Devices

Industry issues include R&D credits, sunshine payments & cost of sales management.

Dental Devices

Industry issues include channel & inventory management & gross margin analysis.

Govt Services

Industry issues include revenue recognition of federal and state payments & DCAA compliance.


Industry issues include inventory obsolescence and location profitability.

Consumer Sales

Industry issues include inventory management & CRM integration with accounting.


Industry issues include payroll ROI and tax compliance.

Property Mgmt

Industry issues include collections, landlord reporting & management of trust funds.


Industry issues include compliance, donor tracking & administrative efficiency.

Medical Billing

Industry issues include client fee designs and employee accountability tracking.

Professional Athletes

Industry issues include business vs personal expense tracking & asset reconciliations.


Industry issues include commission tracking, client retention & revenue source reporting.

The following list shows the industries we currently serve.

Discovery to Decision

Our No Pressure Onboarding Process


We begin with a one hour consultation to understand your needs and goals.

Step 1

We then perform a financial review of your system and documents.

Step 2

We present our findings and, if we are a good fit, provide a proposal.

Step 3

You decide if the proposal meets your needs and if you want to begin.

Step 4

Ready to Begin?

Contact us today to get the process started.  Worried about cost?  We work hard to find a solution that fits each client.  We do not have a sales team, which means you will be working with the firm’s leadership and with a client service team to find the right solutions for you.  Reach out today and we will get back to you shortly.