Our team of CFOs, Controllers, Senior Accountants, Bookkeepers and Specialists provide custom solutions for small and mid-sized businesses.  Our solutions range from filling in the gaps in your current internal team to providing a complete solution to your accounting and finance needs.

Our services are billed at a monthly flat rate fee with no long-term commitment.  Our Fractional CFO’s become part of your executive team and our team members become part of your support team.

Each client has different needs so we build a solution and a team that is right for you.  The following is a list of some of the services we provide as we build your custom solution.

Our Team
Our Services

Accounting and Financial Services

We are a unique, specialized accounting firm that becomes your finance and accounting team or fills in the gaps of your current internal team.

CFO Services
Benefit from the oversight provided by the Office of the CFO.
Controller & Bookkeeping Services
We provide the various roles needed from Controller to Bookkeeper.
Crisis Management
Financial oversight during times of financial oversight.
Mergers & Acquisitions
Due diligence on potential acquisitions, preparation and negotiation of a sale.
Cash Flow
Maximize cash flow, make payroll and grow smartly.
Assistance with entity structure and tax planning.
Risk & Financial Advisory
Advice and direction from a trusted advisor, long-term growth partner.
Financial statements, proprietary dashboards and weekly reports.
Budgeting and Forecasting
Preparation of annual budgets and multi-year forecasts.
Training for you and your team, creativity in building knowledge in your company.
Monthly close process, virtual document collection and technology implementation.
Build compensation plans for owners and key team members.


Whether you are just beginning and need a QuickBooks file established, a file rebuilt or a file cleaned up, we can help you.  We work with QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop files.  Here are a few of the QuickBooks services we provide.

Migrating from Another Software Solution

We can help you make the transition and be up and running quickly. We utilize importing tools so you do not waste time manually entering your outstanding transactions, customers, vendors, items, sales orders, purchase orders and chart of accounts. Make the transition in days rather than weeks or months.

Cleaning Up a File

We can clean up transactions, accounts, reconciliations and balances.

Setup or Organization of the Chart of Accounts

We can help you clean up and organize your accounts in a way that allows you to really understand your company’s performance.

Automation of Transactions

We can help you establish tools to help you import your transactions into QuickBooks. In some cases we can cut down the processing time from hours to minutes saving valuable time for your team.

Rebuilding or Cleaning Up a File that is Too Large or Running Slowly

We can help you create a new file, move over your active customers, vendors, items and chart of accounts. We will also move over your outstanding transactions including accounts receivable, accounts payable, unreconciled items, sales orders, purchase orders and beginning balances.

Training for You and Your Team

We can provide one on one training or training for your entire team. We are here to help make your systems and your team members more effective.


We offer Controller and bookkeeping services specializing in cleanups or catch-up solutions for small to mid-size businesses as well as organization, historical balance imports, monthly maintenance, training and dynamic 3rd party integrations with your accounting software.

We are progressive experts in all facets of accounting and business management using advanced cutting edge technology. Our unique approach to bookkeeping offers much more than monthly bank reconciliations. We provide you with the reporting and tools to make the right decisions for your business.

Businesses maintain books for two reasons: first, to pay taxes; and second, to understand how the business is doing.  We work closely with each client to build an accounting system that provides the information needed to grow your business.


We use our proprietary dashboards to provide clarity on the health and performance of our clients' companies. Combining advisory services with visual reporting provides business leaders with the intelligence they need to make the right decisions.

We serve a wide range of industries

While we serve a wide range of industries as a firm, we have teams that specialize in specific industries. 

Discovery to Decision

Our No Pressure Onboarding Process


We begin with a one hour consultation to understand your needs and goals.

Step 1

We then perform a financial review of your system and documents.

Step 2

We present our findings and, if we are a good fit, provide a proposal.

Step 3

You decide if the proposal meets your needs and if you want to begin.

Step 4

Ready to Begin?

Contact us today to get the process started.  Worried about cost?  We work hard to find a solution that fits each client.  We do not have a sales team, which means you will be working with the firm’s leadership and with a client service team to find the right solutions for you.  Reach out today and we will get back to you shortly.